South-PC have been offering computer repair in Southampton since 2008. Although our office is located in the middle of Southampton but we have also been serving our customers at their home address. This saves them time and cost while they are receiving the service at their convenience time. Our home computer repair service does not stop customers if they wish to bring their computers to our office for repairing.
With 97% same day response to home user customers, South-PC is one of the fastest Computer Repair Services in Southampton and the surrounding area (Eastleigh, Fare Oak, Chandler’s Ford, Totton, Hedge End, Marchwood and North Baddesey).

We offer quality, reliability and follow these basic rules to serve our customers:

No Fix No Fee from South-PC   No Callout from South-PC

Here are some of the services we offer to Home Users:

Desktop & Laptop Repair and Maintenance

South-PC provides high quality Desktop and Laptop repair for all brands and makes such as Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Packard Bell, Asus and bespoke made computers.

We can help you with computer power issue, replacing graphic card, laptop power socket repair, hard drive replacement in the case of hard drive failure or needing more storage space, virus removal, installing anti-virus, operating system installation, transferring data from old computer to the new computer, sharing data between devices including tablets, laptop screen replacement, laptop keyboard replacement, computer speed-up, driver updates, backing up data, data recovery and many more services throughout Southampton and its surrounding.

If you are living in Shirley, Bassett, Bittern, Woolston, Portswood, Swaythling, Lords Hill, Thornhill and Mansbridge then we come and see you to repair your system at your place or collect it if it requires more tools. Give us a call on: 023 8178 8366

Broken Laptop Screens

Broken laptop screen is the most common laptop issue which caused by dropping the laptop, stepping on laptop while it has been left on the floor, closing the laptop lid while an item is left on the keyboard and finally the laptop screen's life comes to end. In these scenarios the laptop screen must be replaced and we stock most of laptop screens for Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo and Acer. The repair cost starts from £65.00 (part and labour) depending on the screen size, technology and style. We will look at your laptop screen, find the replacement part and let you know the final cost. Then you can make your decision.

Broadband setup

Although Internet Service Providers (ISP) send out a pre-configured Router to customers with instruction of how to set it up, we have seen customers find it confusing to deal with cables and installation. Also the new Router comes with new Network Name (SSID) and Wireless Password (Wireless Key). So all Wi-Fi enabled devices (Wireless Printer, Tablet, Laptop, Kindle, Smart Phone and some new boilers and appliances) must be connected to the new Router, using the new credentials.

Upgrade Parts (Memory, Hard Drive, ...)

Purchasing a new computer is not always the best solution if you are tired of your two years old slow machine. In some cases upgrading parts such as memory on an old computer improves its speed and performance. South-PC looks at specification of the laptop/desktop and upgrades the memory (RAM) and tunes up your computer for its best speed.

In the case of Hard Drive (HDD) failure or increasing the storage space we can help you by replacing the hard drive to a bigger size storage space and transferring your data and software. Hard drive failure is one of the most common issue and we urge all customers to backup data regularly. It might be too late for backing up your data if you are reading this page after having a hard drive failure, but don’t worry, we can still help you with data recovery.

Cleaning Viruses and Spyware

With increasing role of computers in our daily actives such as online shopping, online banking, social networking, free music and free movie downloading, it is so easy to get Viruses, Trojans, Worms and many more infections into our computers (to find out more about different computer infections, please see our FAQ page).

If your computer is too slow to respond to your mouse click, if you have a message on your screen saying that your computer is infected and click here to remove it, if you are asked to pay for a virus removal program that you have never purchased or used, if you are presented a page saying that police has locked your computer due to your online criminal activities and you need to pay money to unlock it, then the bad news is that YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED. The risk is that your data including bank details, email addresses, password and more personal information are being taken by someone.

South-PC can remove any Virus and Trojan from your system and bring you the safety, security and peace of mind. We clean your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone from any unwanted software and install security software on it if you don’t already have one.

Operating System installation

Manufacturers have decided not to include the Operating System (Windows) disk with new computers. Instead they have created a hidden partition on the computer hard drive to store a factory image of the entire system. In the case of hard drive failure, it is more likely that this hidden partition is not accessible. Ordering the disk from manufacturer cost around £35 to £70 depending on the brand and it takes up to two weeks to arrive by post. We have all the required installation disks and can install/repair the operating system on any computer. South-PC always backup your data before proceeding with the installation to prevent data lost. We also update the operating system to the latest available update and install all required drivers for Graphic, Sound, Network, Wi-Fi and the Processor and computer will be ready to use.

Data Backup

Data loss is preventable. We recommend at least two source of backup for home users. Just imagine all your holiday photos, new born grandchild’s photos, university project that you have worked on during the last six weeks, Invoices and letters that you have created for your business if you are running a small business from home, music and movie that you love, they are all lost by a hard drive failure! How much to they worth? By simply backing up your data onto an external hard drive and/or online storage, you can prevent such a disaster. We can backup your data and advise you with the easiest and most cost efficient way of backup to secure your data. South-PC strongly advise you to have two source of backup, one copy on an external hard drive, second copy onto an online storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud which are free for limited space but can be upgraded to a bigger storage by paying a monthly fee.

Why do we say two sources? Simple, if your external hard drive is stolen or damaged, the online backup (Cloud) helps you to recover your data. If your computer is infected by an encrypting malware, your online data will be encrypted too, in this case if the external hard drive was not connected at the time of infection, your data can be recovered from it.

Data Transfer

Buying a new computer and moving all your data from the old laptop/desktop can be frustrating. Photos, Music, Documents, Favourites and Bookmarks, Audio Books, Emails (if they are stored in Outlook / Windows Mail / Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail’s local file) all should be copied to the new computer. South-PC transfers your data to the exact location on the new computer and makes sure that they are accessible easily. We have seen that data are dumped on the desktop of the new computer in a file called “old PC”. This is a bad practice and confuses users. Also we make sure that your emails are converted to an appropriate format and setup accordingly so you can access them the same way that you had on the old computer (subjects to new software settings and layout).

Parental Control Solution

No filter or parental controls tool is 100% effective, and many of the risks that children face online are because of their own behaviour and doing things that they are not supposed to do and of course other’s behaviour who are abusing their trusted position. We believe it is important to talk to your children about staying safe online and make sure that they know that they can talk to you when they feel something is not correct or they are in any difficulty. Fortunately the four big Internet providers are offering Parental Control tool built into the customer package. We can help you at South-PC to setup Parental Control on each device and/or on your Internet service provided by your ISP. We advise to look at the following website for more information on Safe Internet.

Network Setup 

Almost every house has a small basic network of Desktops, Laptops, Tablet, Mobile Phones and Printers. All these devices communicate through a Home Hub or a Router provided by the ISP provider or in rear cases purchased from market. When it comes to home data sharing, printer sharing or having a wireless printer setup to print from tablets and smart phones, it gets a little bit complicated. We can help you to setup your home network and share selected data (based on your request) and have your wireless printer talk to all your devices.

We also provide Wireless solutions and improve Wi-Fi signals if the current router does not cover your house and garden. Our Wi-Fi solution has already been used by many businesses and the quality of signals provides a stable communication between devices.

Wired or Wireless Internet access

Internet enabled devices such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone and Internet of Things (IoT such as Boilers, Fridges, Lights, Music Player and so on) are connected to the internet by Wire or Wireless. The problem is that sometimes the item is located in a place that either there is no Ethernet cable available for wired connection or the Wi-Fi signal does not reach the device.

South-PC provides Wired and Wireless solutions to overcome this issue. We have employed all technologies (PowerLine, Access Points, Extending cable system) to make sure you get internet in every corner of your house.

If the service you need is not listed in this page, then please get in touch for free advice: Click here...